Solo Albums

In his time in his music career, Renaud Garcia Fons has also produced his own music solo albums. He has made collaborations first and did not play solo at the beginning. For years he had been playing with a group and even for years stayed at that. By being with the group, they had also produced various performances and record. As he was influenced by his mentor so he uses the technique he was taught in playing the music. After doing some collaborations and staying with the group, he also played and recorded his own albums.

In the year of 1992, he has the album which is released by Enja Records which is the Legendes. After three years, he again has his solo album still released by the first one. The album is labeled as Alborea. In that same year, he had made again another solo album but he also had the help of Pedro Soler. The album isĀ Suite AndalouseĀ (Al Sur). After two years in the year of 1997, he again released his record still with the Enja Records which is Oriental Bass.

He then proceeds to released or record his solo albums continually almost every year he has one record. In the year 1999, he has the Fuera performed together with Jean-Louis Matinier. The next year he has the Acoustic Songs with Gerard Marais. In 2001 the Navigatore and 2004 are the Entremundo. Next is the Arcoluz in the year of 2006. There are following albums he had also released aside from the ones written here.