French Musical Instruments

There are many musical instruments that are native to one country. There could be similarities but there are also the twists that make it different. They could be used exactly the same though. Musical instruments are necessary to the music industry. There are many musicians who could not live without their instruments as it is part already of their life. In the country of France too, they have their own musical instruments and some are also similar in other countries instruments.



One of the musical instrument that they play is the harp. The two types of the harp which are the floor-based and the hand-held is widely played in the country of France and many could be found playing it. Another musical instrument is the fiddle which calls the country its home even if it is known around the world. It is played with enthusiasm in France. Another musical instrument is accordion and just like the previous musical instrument, it is played widely in France.

There is also the French horn that is classified as a brass and it is made of tubing. The piano will surely not disappear as it is part of the musical instrument. The French harp is also there and if you could observe that many have their own. Other musical instruments are Lleoto and this one has the company of Tambourin à Cordes. The cornemuse is a bagpipe and there are the tamborine and the galoubet. There are more to the list that you could find.