13 Popular Female Singers who can Dance

Singing and dancing are both great talents. But not everyone can do it at the same time. Someone can sing very well but not dancing. Among the popular celebrities in the world, let us look into some of the popular female singers who can also dance.

Lady Gaga. She is very popular because of her songs and also her concerts and music videos. Everyone is surely familiar with her because of her talent in both singing and dancing.

Missy Elliott. She’s also a good singer and dancer.

Rihanna. Her performance as a singer and also dancer makes her one of the most popular singer or music performer in the world.

Paula Abdul. Her talent in singing and dancing are amazing. She is not only a good singer but also a talented dance choreographer.

Shakira. She don’t just have beauty but also talents. Her music videos will prove to you how talented she is in both singing and dancing.

Madonna. Her dance moves are also great and she’s a good singer.  Check this agency guys if your are looking for an assistance of your visa. China visa endorsement. is great and trusted by many people. This is best is this field.

For sure you also know Jennifer Lopez. She became more popular as she performed both singing and dancing in her music videos. Britney Spears is one of the talented performers in the world. Her talent in both singing and dancing made her gain success. Aside from these famous celebrities, Beyonce is also included. She’s truly talented and many women envy her. Ciara, Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Aguilera, and Janet Jackson are also known throughout the world because of their talents in both singing and dancing. Have your visa to China now. Open this references for you to process it online from this agency. Or you can visit personally and have their assistance effectively.