10 Sad French Songs by Popular Singers

If you listen to songs, though you can’t see the facial expressions of the singer, you can actually feel if the song is a sad one or if the singer feels happy while singing it. It is the same in French songs. In this article, some of the sad French songs by popular singers are to be mentioned. Tourner Dans Le Vide and Derniere Danse are both sad songs sang by Indila. Christophe is another famous French singer who is the artist of the song Aline.

Someone who wants to confess their love but couldn’t say it through words, songs are the most effective way. If you learn to sing a song, for example to your love one, and though you don’t say any words, for sure the listener will be moved. The song Pour que Tu m’aimes Encore by Celine Dion, La Belle et la Bete by Luisa Matos, Formidable by Stromae, Mademoiselle Noir, and Et Si Tu N’Existais Pas by Joe Dassin are also popular sad French songs. Youmay like to travel now and see these great artist. Click first this link 台胞證申請 高雄 to apply for your travel documents. This is way for easy transaction.

Why do some people still listen to songs though it is sad? Each person have their own personal reasons. It could be because of a sad past or any tragedy that he experienced in his life. Some of the sad songs were composed by the singers themselves. And those songs were based on the personal experience of the singer. Lara Fabian is also one of the famous singers who also sings in French.  See this site of agency here to help you renew your expired visa to see your favorite singers, open this 台胞證過期. She sang the song Je Suis Malade. J’envoie Valser by Zazie is also a sad song.