10 Famous Actors who are Talented Singers

Actors whom you watch on movies are truly talented and awesome. Did you know that some of them are unexpectedly good singers? For sure they surprised many of their fans. And because they can also sing aside from acting, they become more popular.

Who are the famous actors whom you know? Surely there are many. And your favorite actor might be included on the list in this article. Zachary Levi is a talented actor who shocked the world as he began to sing even in Disney movies.

His voice is heard in the Disney movie Tangled. And listening to his voice, he is truly like that of a professional singer. Hugh Laurie also surprised his fans because he can play musical instruments and he is also a good singer. A young and talented actress, Anna Kendrick, is truly a good singer too. What about Robert Pattinson? He is loved by his fans especially when he act in the movie Twilight. Aside from acting, he is also good in singing and playing piano and guitar.

And Chris Pine might be one of your favorite actor. Did you know that he can also sing very well? He is a real prince charming not just in movies. Oscar Isaac was recognized more not just as an actor but also a good singer. Some of you might be an avid fan of Colin Farrell. His voice sounds better when he sings country songs. Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Renner, and Ryan Gosling are also in the list of talented actors who are good singers. Look info about this best company of dental. Look at this site here 牙醫診所. They totally helps you secure your tooth problem.