One of the musicians that came from France is Renaud Garcia Fons. This musician has started young in his adventure in the music industry. There are many who have started young into the music industry and they succeed even until they became old. They still have some loyal fans and they have gigs or concert to attend to. In the case of Renaud Garcia Fons, he started at the age of five when he learned to play the piano.

He had taken his time but when he grows up and reached the age of eight he changed to the classical guitar.


It may be that he still does not know what he really likes and in the age of sixteen, he proceeds to rock but also at this time that he finally finds the bass. He settled on the upright bass and he proceeds to have a formal training in the music scene at Conservatoire de Paris. In that school, he had Francois Rabbath that taught him and he also teaches him the technique he had developed to play the arco.

His music then was greatly influenced by his teacher.

As he began his career in the music industry, he had joined a band and played together with them like the trumpeter of the band which is Roger Guerin. They had done many works together and they even have a genre of jazz played as a group and also an orchestra symphony. He then also proceed to join the ‘L’Orchestre de Contrebasses’. He has stayed there for six years.